4 Ways to Increase the Blog Visitor Involvement

4 Ways to Increase the Blog Visitor Involvement

There are many things needed to build a successful blog/website. Indeed, the most familiar principle of Content is King, is still a major factor, but in fact, it takes more than just good writing to produce content that draws the involvement of visitors.

How often have we spent hours writing articles carefully, or doing lengthy research to strengthen opinions, but in the end only got a little ‘welcome’ from readers after they were published? The content is not able to invite to get involved further.

Good content is just a start, you need something else to invite blog visitors directly involved with your content and blog. This is called the term: engaging content (content that is able to attract the involvement of its readers).

Then how as writers, we not to make efforts after trying hard to produce good content but failed to get a response? How do we increase reader engagement? Even now you can install a luxury platform that is voice comments. The platform is to make it easier for readers to pour their response to your writing.

Here are 4 steps that will help you increase visitor engagement with your content and blog:

  1. Offer real value

Still confused about when to start creating blog content? The easiest way: help someone else!

You can do this by creating the valuable content. The valuable content is anything that positively affects or impacts the lives of others.

It can be a really workable and working tip, or an E-book that explains complicated issues in an easy-to-understand way, or a podcast that raises hope for people in need, as well as a video that provides fresh entertainment for tired release.

Yes. The valuable content can be anything as long as it can help others. That’s what makes it hard to define what value content is like. Because the value of a content will depend on your target audience.

  1. Serve the reader (not yourself)

If your current readers are not so involved in your content and blogs, try asking yourself about the content you create. What the purpose was he made? Who are you writing for?

If your answers don’t correspond to the conditions or what your readers really want, then you will fail to attract further involvement anytime.

Right, this is your website, your blog, but what’s the use without the support and involvement of the reader? Is it still worth it?

Indeed, this one concept is quite difficult to understand for most bloggers. Is not my blog all about me? Is not my blog where I am free expression, spur any creativity and want to voice anything?

The answer is: YES! But still, the reader should be rank first. All your content should represent and appreciate who they are, what they need, what they want, and what stories, opinions, and experiences you want them to hear.

Conversely, serving the reader does not mean you have to lose your identity or write with non-voice and personal perspective. It is precisely these two things that will lead to the success of a blog. Serving the reader simply means you understand who you are writing to and fulfills their thirst for what they expect.

In other words, your content should reflect who you are or your business, without having to be a story about yourself personally.

Never stop sharing experiences, stories, ideas, and thoughts. That’s what makes you different from others. But make sure you pack it properly and present it in a meaningful way for the reader.

  1. Create content that ‘seduce’ to share

One form of reader engagement is when they volunteer to share it with their own friends. And for that, you need content that is very interesting to share.

And I know this is a much easier theory than the practice.

It is not enough to be well-written and sensible or in the form of wonderful advice, or accurate comments on an issue. The content you create should be able to churn out the emotional side of the reader if you want to find them doing the things necessary to engage with your content and blog.

That’s the big difference between ‘good content’ and ‘content that engages readers’ engagement’.

The visitors may enjoy good content, but they can only make the reader smile a little or feel that they agree with what he wrote. But, that’s all they can do, they then leave it. Because there are so many other contents that annoy them, so they feel they do not have time to interact further with your content and blog.

While on the other hand, compelling content will generate a response. They are so impacted and emotionally involved in one way or another against the content you create, thus calling them strong to interact and respond.

Either by sharing it with their friends, instantly deciding to fill in an email to subscribe to the article, to comment, email you for further discussions, to buy the products you suggest, and so on.

The point is they cannot stay and leave because of the charm of writing you make. That’s alluring content!

  1. Make things easier

Your readers may be very interested in your content, want to share it with social media, want to engage in discussion through comments, want to subscribe to articles and so on. But they don’t want to do it all if for that they have to bother.

Many bloggers are too focused on the content creation side, so forget the side of how content is enjoyed. Writing paragraphs is too long, not formatting well also included on this side.

Pay close attention to how content is enjoyed by readers. Put yourself as a foreign visitor to your own blog and feel how your experience is enjoying the content.

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