6 Most Underestimated careers in The UK

6 Most Underestimated careers in The UK

When it comes to seeking work, a person’s personality and character come to bear in their career choices. However, a person’s career choices are often based on somewhat “obvious” careers to any job seeker out there. BritainReviews have some tips for you in choosing such careers.

As a result, it’s critical to create various job options that would otherwise go unnoticed. People don’t like or don’t think of these jobs as respectable, but they are some of the most lucrative occupations in terms of a career path, profits, and originality. This article will list the top ten well-paid careers that no one desires.

1.  Graphic Designing

This is one of the most underestimated careers, yet it is very lucrative. Many companies need a brand to help them stand out in a sea of identical goods. A company’s products become memorable when they have a set, consistent look and feel across their entire product line – from company logos to business cards and all other branded materials.

Graphic designers use their marketing expertise to select fonts, colours, spacing, and other artistic elements that help the company’s product align with its vision. Consider Nike’s “swoosh” logo or Puma’s Puma, or cougar, logo on its sportswear collection. In the minds of customers, such photos automatically associate the brand and its goods. You can go into this as a career online, but first, check graphic design online courses in the UK to start.

2.  Drivers of Commercial Vehicles

Driving a truck is a profession that does not require any college degrees or rigorous training and is often defined as “shaving about ten years off your life expectancy.”

Truck drivers will earn around £24,000 a year on average, but as you gain experience and become a more established driver, your pay will rise. While it does not seem to be the most exciting job globally, it pays well and requires little effort.

3.  Worker on an Oil Rig

Working on an oil rig entails long hours, challenging jobs, and a physically demanding lifestyle. Serving on offshore oil platforms, oil rig employees carry on a lot of responsibility. Apprentices can earn between £12,000 and £20,000 per year, while seasoned oil rig employees can earn between £25,000 and £50,000 per year, depending on their job description. If you believe you can work a 12-hour shift, live away from home for extended periods, live an active lifestyle, and are physically fit, you can consider working on an oil rig.

4.  A Messenger

A courier transports essential documents and deliveries to businesses and individuals by delivering parcels, letters, and mail.

A courier’s average annual wage is reported to be £30,000, which seems to be a significant benefit to the work! However, this is not a position for everyone.

5.  A Roustabout

Working as a Roustabout entails working on offshore oil or gas drilling rigs. Roustabouts usually perform unskilled manual labour to aid in the efficient operation of the rig and platform. The role is physically challenging because it needs hands-on, practical work that often involves bending, lifting, and other strenuous activities. This work is both highly satisfying and well-compensated.

Starting salaries are typically about £18,000 a year, and with time, experience, and professionalism, they can rise.

6.  Pilot Projects for Crop Dusting

Consider a career in a risky aviation career as an alternative to a piloting career. Crop dusting pilots are in charge of flying planes over crops at very low altitudes. This work necessitates a high level of endurance and analytical skills to avoid obstacles in the way (power lines, fence posts, etc.).

The sensitivity to chemicals regularly is something to remember in this work. Hold on to your seat because a crop-dusting pilot will earn a lot of money. This undervalued profession pays a whopping £65,000 per year.

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